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PR Smith’s SOSTAC® is a very simple planning system. Based on logic, it can be learned in 3 minutes and perfected in these 10-20 hour online courses. Professionals love using it.



SOSTAC® was voted in the Top 3 Business Models worldwide by the Chartered Institute of Marketing Centenary Poll and is now used by Linkedin, KPMG, RBS, start-ups and thousands of organisations, universities and professionals around the world.



SOSTAC® helps you (and your colleagues) to write great plans that boost results and save time. Write the perfect plan.

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SOSTAC® Associate


Learn how to build an outline marketing plan. See how it all fits together. Understand the foundation for a great plan – your Situation Analysis – followed by all the other 5 stages of a SOSTAC ® Plan.

Prerequisites: None except be over the age of 18.

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SOSTAC® Certified Planner


Learn how to apply the perfect structure to
a marketing plan, business plan, campaign plan, or even your own life plan. Develop powerful strategies and use all other 5 Stages of a SOSTAC ® Plan.


Prerequisites: 5 years management experience or a Masters degree in business/marketing or similar.

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