CIM Level 4

Certificate in Professional Marketing

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For over 100 years, CIM has supported, represented, and developed marketers, teams, leaders and the profession. We are the world’s leading professional marketing body with over 28,000 members worldwide. We believe marketing is the critical factor in driving long term organisational performance. Our mission is to create marketing advantage for the benefit of professionals, business, and society.


In a world of increasing competition, transparency, and change, finding a valued business advantage has never been as challenging. CIM strives for business leaders and opinion formers to recognise the positive contribution professional marketing can bring to their organisations, the economy and wider society.


With 120 CIM study centres, in 36 countries, delivering our world-renowned qualifications and over 80 training courses, we are uniquely able to improve marketing capability at an individual and business level.


CIM Level 4 Certificate in Professional Marketing (VRQ)


The Level 4 Certificate in Professional Marketing has been developed following extensive employer-led research across a range of sectors and size of organisation; qualification providers; academics and students

Who is it for?


A) Anyone who wishes to embark on an international professional qualification in marketing.
B) Non-marketing professionals to gain knowledge in a subject and secure an award.
C) Junior executives in marketing, advertising, digital marketing



What is the modular pathway? Can I complete the Certificate level by offering the THREE modules in one sitting?


Yes, you can. The mandatory module must be offered.


Can I offer one or two modules at a time?


Yes, you can but to proceed to the next level (Diploma) you must at least pass TWO modules.



If I wish to only offer ONE module to gain knowledge, do I receive a certificate?


Yes, you will receive an individual award for the module you offered.


What is the qualification route for the Certificate in Professional Marketing and Digital Marketing?

CIM Level 4 Certificate in Professional Marketing

What is the CIM UK Assessment and Membership FEE?


Assessment Fees- £170 for Applied Marketing 150 for the other modules
Membership Fees- 50 (valid for ONE year)



Can I apply for an exemption from the Certificate Level?


Send us details of qualifications you possess and we will check with the exemption criteria of the awarding body and respond within 24 hours

Subject Outlines

Planning Campaigns

Overarching learning outcomes

By the end of this module learners should be able to:


Campaign Process

  • Understand the process of planning a campaign
  • Know how to undertake an internal and external situational analysis


Planning Campaigns in Action

  • Know how to develop a successful campaign plan
  • Understand how to implement a plan in practice


Campaign Success

  • Understand the principles of monitoring a marketing campaign
  • Know how to undertake a post campaign evaluation

Digital Marketing Techniques

Overarching learning outcomes

By the end of this module learners should be able to:


Digital Techniques

  • Understand digital marketing tools and techniques
  • Assess different applications of digital marketing


Digital Enhancement

  • Know how to integrate digital and offline marketing
  • Understand approaches to enhancing stakeholder engagement


Digital Management

  • Know how to develop a digital marketing plan
  • Apply and adapt digital marketing analysis

Applied Marketing

Overarching learning outcomes

By the end of this module learners should be able to:


The Marketing Concept

  • Understand the contribution of marketing to the Organisation.
  • Know what influences customer behaviour across a range of contexts

Analysis and Insight 

  • Understand the factors and trends in the marketing environment and how they affect marketing
  • Know arrange of options to gather relevant marketing information


Marketing Mix

  • Understand the application of the marketing mix within different marketing contexts
  • Know how to apply and adapt the marketing mix to satisfy customer needs and business goals

Customer Insights

Overarching learning outcomes

By the end of this module learners should be able to:


Fundamentals of Customer Behaviour

  • Understand the range of customer contexts in which the marketer operates
  • Understand the key factors that influence customer behaviour


Customer Experience

  • Understand the customer experience
  • Know how to enhance the customer experience


Measuring and Monitoring

  • Understand the range of research methods and metrics available to monitor customer experiences
  • Know how to use and apply research approaches to gain insight and inform decision making